Add Ability to Import Equipment

Hello, I see the option to export the equipment list to a .CSV. A spreadsheet is quicker and easier to populate as compared to a web form. How about allowing the importing of an equipment .CSV using the exported .CSV as a template? Thanks for your consideration.

Hi @arpaquet,

Building an importer in TroopTrack is no easy task (as you likely already know). I just want to make sure this feature would be widely applicable and useful to other users before we consider it for development.


I really would like to see a way to import a lot of data from CSV.

  • Members
  • Equipment Inventory
  • Library Inventory
  • Financial Data
  • Camping, Hiking, Cycling, etc.
  • Training Records from BSA export

That’s my short list. There are probably more, as I begin to use TroopTrack.

I agree 100% Also a new user, I have tons of data I’d like to import.

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We have an equipment importer now. :grin:

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