Attach a sign up sheet to RSVP "yes"


Feature request - We’d like for a sign up sheet to somehow be attached to an RSVP for an event.
So, when someone RSVPs “yes” to a camp out, then they are directed to a sign up sheet to sign up for their volunteer role.

Conversely, it keeps someone from signing up to bring “cucumber sandwiches” to a tea party, then the organizer realizing the night before that they only signed up to bring food, but didn’t actually RSVP to the event, so she has no place card made, no table setting assigned to them, etc… (yep, personal experience there!)

I’m sure this is way more complicated to make happen that just to write out - but since everything about writing code pretty much seems like magic to me, I thought I’d ask. :smiley:


this is a great idea…i see it was posted in april…any feedback or changes made since?