Attendance Logging Issue in Calendar


Our troop held an event in August and I’ve attempted to log the attendance for it on several occasions. I was partially successful this morning. I entered the members in attendance that had RSVPed separately from those who showed up but had not RSVPed. I was able to log those who had RSVPed on TroopTrack; the others still will not log. Is this a bug or is it user error?

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I don’t know if this is the cause, but I had an issue several months ago where either the Youth Guests or Adult Guests column had been set to blank for one scout. I couldn’t update the attendance and had no error message indicating anything was wrong. Those two fields are required to have a numeric value so should be zero instead of blank. Once I entered a zero I was able to save the attendance.

I hope this helps.

  • Mark


Thank you, Mark!

When I set the guest fields to ‘0’, I was able to log the attendance.