Boating Safety req's different in TT vs. handbook


Help! I have a 3rd year Tenderhearted that recently completed the Boating Safety badge with her family. She completed requirements #1-6 because she has to do #1-5 and one “extra”. However, in TroopTrack, she is required to complete #1-6 and the “extras” don’t start until #7.

In TroopTrack, requirement #3 AND #5 are both ‘Your Swimming Abilities’. But #5 in the handbook is identifying parts of a boat. Is that the problem?

She thinks she’s already completed the Boating Safety badge, but I cannot enter that she has in TT.

Thank you! Elisa


Not sure you’re still looking for an answer after all this time, but I just noticed your post and I think I know the answer.

You must have a newer version of the Girl Handbook. The older Girl Handbook (which was used as the reference when first setting up the AHG badge requirements in TT) did indeed have the exact same requirement for #5 as for #3, so that’s why it was listed that way in TT too.

So, if you haven’t already, just mark off #1-6 plus whatever optional she did (the # in her book plus 1 to get the # in TT; or use the summary text for each requirement in TT to figure out which one matches up with the one she did) and it’ll show up as complete.