Bulk Entry of Award Progress


These screen shots do not show the purchased and awarded boxes to toggle as is available on the individual screen.


Why does it say calculating?


That’s exactly what I said! This really needs to be fixed. It’s more urgent IMO than having to take the time to doublecheck records.


Has the bulk record issue been resolved? You mentioned doing Achieve - Present Awards, but that does not solve the issue of presented on date and purchased toggle box.


Hi @EricaWarszewik,

What bulk record issue are you referring to?

From the description of what you need, a place to enter a date in bulk for presented on and marking it as purchased are all available in the Achieve > Present awards screen.



This not account for the segments boys are earning along the way for activities/pack events.


You should be able to record segments just like any other award.

Once you’ve awarded one of these, you can also mark it as purchased, recognized, and awarded individually or in the Present Awards screen.


I attempted this but am now running into another problem. I record the bulk award from the event window. 9 scouts were in attendance and will receive an elective pin, yet when I go this screen, only 7 scouts appear. When I go to one scout that is missing on the list but look him up under individual progress, he shows the same as all the others. Why would 2 scouts be dropped from the list?


What list? It sounds like you meant to post an image.


On the Achieve/Present Awards list. Only 7 scouts appear although 9 were marked via the event listing.


Must have gotten caught up in the queue or something. I logged into your account and it looks like all 9 are there. Unless I’m missing something, which is entirely possible.


Maybe there is lag??? I went back it to screen capture and now 9 are showing. So weird!!


Sometimes they get caught up in the queue. The system goes through about every two hours to check for things like this and pushes them through. That’s probably what happened.


Thank you so much for your help. I will try and remember that next time instead of panicking - LOL


I refreshed the page and calculating changed to 100%


I’m sorry but is there a way to do this by unit? Or listing by last name instead of first? Also, how is this list generated? I know there are other badges and girls who aren’t on the list.


If you click on the Last Name header, it changes the list to order by last name. From what I understand, the list is generated by girls that have completed every step of a badge. I would check and make sure all requirements are marked off on the girls who are missing from your list.


ISSUE: This list of kid names used to be sorted by Patrol (in GS case,our age levels) but now it is all names in one group. Is there a way to change this back? We are recording progress on different badges at the same meeting (i.e. Brownie, Junior, Cadette badges) and the age levels are all mixed up. It was much easier when I could just check the age level for that badge and it would automatically select all girls who attended at that age level for a particular badge.


Hi Dave,
I’ve got an issue with my Lions - I see the achievement in the badge book and in the progress reports, but cannot enter progress for them in either ‘record individual progress’ or ‘record bulk progress’ feature pages. The Lion achievements are not coming up in the list of achievements to record their progress. Is this something wonky with our setup or a bug?