Can you implement a Wiki Option

We are a large troop with multiple Troop Committee Roles.
Can you implement a Wiki so that we can put things together in a coherent fashion. Individual Documents are OK for things like forms, but not for the big picture, and allowing cross linked information.

Ability to edit the Wiki would be a security role.

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Hi @mtsmith,

While we wait on more feedback from the community, you may check out our private pages/Intranet feature. This should do what you need it to do.


I’d love to see this feature- it could conceivably replace the private page feature, in my opinion. It would certainly allow for much easier troop documentation than busting out individual pages.

I don’t know how exactly a WIKI would be different than using the existing private pages feature. I’ve basically created a WIKI on the site.

What features would a WIKI need to make it more WIKI-like than editing pages and cross-linking them, which is already a feature?

One thing I DO know that it would be nice to be able to SEARCH through the pages we’ve created.


It’s much easier to link pages to each other with wiki markup than it is with HTML, in my opinion. It’s certainly not impossible to build the same sort of thing with the current private page feature, but it would make it a lot more friendly for less technical users.