CareMonkey Integration

I’m a little surprised that this topic hasn’t been raised thus far, as I know CareMonkey is used throughout the US and other countries worldwide, but perhaps Scouts Australia is the first to use for managing the health requirements of their Scout members.
So this request is the same as I posted on the Scouts Victoria Facebook page, as:-

Scout Groups love CareMonkey to remove the administration effort of all those PIR’s (Personal Information Records).
But those Groups already using Group administration tools like TroopTrack are reticent to use CareMonkey fully for event management due to the duplication of effort that our Group Admin tools already give us for Section Event Planning, Group Calendars, Award Tracking, Attendance Records, and all Group Communications, etc.
What’s needed here to improve utilisation is to facilitate CareMonkey’s integration into TroopTrack, the same way many other CareMonkey user groups have done, like many of the Australian schools via
Perhaps TroopTrack could pursue this with CareMonkey directly, or otherwise with Dougal Mayor at Scouts Victoria, via:

I’m looking at the CareMonkey website and I’m not finding any API information. It’s not super clear to me what the benefit or purpose of such an integration would be, too. I’ve never heard of this and I’m not convinced of the added value it could provide if integration is possible at all.

Explain how you think these systems will work together and what benefit you see from it. If it’s just going to be about medical forms, I don’t see us recouping the cost of development on this.

Basically, convince not only me, but other users why we should consider including this product.

Here is the link for Caremonkey API information;

Integration of Caremonkey with a calendar, group communication tool, attendance records and award tracking - is the average Australian Scout leader dream.

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