Change message text of meeting Invites?

Can the message body for meeting invitations be changed and reformatted (possibly centered) to say:

"You have been invited:

OCC Packing Party
Thursday, November 9, 2017
at Event Location
6:30PM - 8:00PM.

RSVP Here (insert link)
Print Permission slip Here (insert link)"

Instead of saying:

"Dear Troop ABC Member,

You have been invited to OCC Packing Party on Thursday, November 09/2017 at 06:30PM.

This event ends at Thursday, November 09/2017 at 08:00PM."

(Most events are not multi-day events, so you would have to adjust the formatting differently for the text for multi-day events.)

I think that putting the meeting details in a block format instead of sentences will make it easier to pick out relevant information.

I think it would also be useful to put the RSVP link near the top, along with the link to the permission slip. The description of the event can follow the meeting info, RSVP link and permission form link.

I also have a minor issue with the formatting of the date and time, such as “November 09/2017” and “06:30PM.” Can you use “November 9, 2017” and “6:30PM” instead? Or is there a reason that you don’t use those formats?

You could probably remove this as well:

"Thank you,

The Event Notification Robot"


More specifically, these emails should all be customizable templates.
We should be able to write our own email any way we want, and if we mess it up, there should be a “Reset to default” button. Here’s an example of a template:

You’re invited to join us for the following event:





I like that!

Especially the part about “Reset to default”. :slight_smile:

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Great ideas!!

I also have a question. I just noticed that when I receive a weekly meeting event invite, if I hit replay, it directs the reply to the personal email of the person who set up the meeting and not to the Troop’s email account. Is there a way to change that? I don’t even see a way, when I set up a meeting, to say where I want replies to go…


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