Co-Leader Multiple Roles

I have a multi-level Troop Daisy - Senior. I am a co-leader with multiple Roles (e.g. Daisy/Brownie leader, Treasurer). I am listed in Unassigned, because I cannot be linked to multiple levels. Also, cannot assign myself multiple roles. Do I need to create multiple entities of myself?

This has come up in the past, you are correct a single User account cannot be assigned to multiple levels. There are two work arounds, as you said create multiple user accounts with different e-mail addresses and login with each different account for the specific level you need to access, or have full top level privileges to your whole groups TT account. That is the easiest way to do it however not everyone likes the idea of having so many with top level access to everyone. Do a search for leader in multiple Dens, Patrols, Units and add you support of the feature to allow a user to be assigned into multiple levels.

Hi @msxcary,

I want to understand this issue more.

I was able to pull up your account from your email address, and saw that you have the highest level access, and many privileges enabled.

If you click your username, click “my profile” , then “leadership” you’d be able to assign yourself other leadership positions such as “treasurer”.

What are you wanting to do that would require you to need to be linked to multiple levels?


David Keener

Correct David. For those of us with multi-level troops, we may be troop leaders of both juniors and cadettes, as an example. So it would be ideal to be able to list TL for more than one level.