Create option to schedule ROOMS

I see options for scheduling equipment but not specific rooms. We are in a building with many rooms, and we’d like to have our leaders have the ability to schedule specific rooms. I.e. Use of the kitchen for a specific meeting night or use of a specific room for an event. Thanks for your consideration.

Hi @CorriGross,

While we consider this, please take a look at Communicate > Sign Up Sheets. This feature might be useful for scheduling your rooms for now.


Thanks, but that doesn’t solve the problem at all. We need an open-ended option for scheduling a room, similar to scheduling equipment. Thanks.

Why don’t you just use the equipment or library features, then? Just make the names “Room 1” or “Kitchen”.

Thanks for the suggestion. I was going to originally try that, but it really isn’t solving the issue. We need to be able to look by date to see if a room is booked or not. If it’s not an option for building, I understand, but I do think it would be a helpful option in troop track. Thanks.

Perhaps if the equipment or library option had a way to do holds for the future? But we would need specific times, not just a date. As they exist now it seems to be more for recording something being used presently as opposed to holding something for future.