Custom Reports

Is there any way (or can there be) to create a report combining multiple sources (members, events, achievements)?
We create a monthly report and it would be nice to generate this automatically from one report instead of multiple places.

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Have you tried the “Custom Reports” feature? It’s under the Manage icon.

I have and do use custom reports. The issue is that I can’t create a report using multiple sources of the site and am limited by choices of data available to include in the report.

I’m looking for a monthly report that generates all activity for that month. Events, achievement, training and member movement.

We’ve run into that a time or two ourselves. One of my board members is this major Excel guru. She exports the CSV’s and does some magic thing to merge stuff. That’s our only work around. But I agree, I would love to see completely customizable reports.

I would love this too. Sometimes, I can’t pull a report on the info I need. I end up pulling a Members Details Report, and then spend 10 minutes getting rid of all the stuff I don’t need.
In our old database, we could create a report based on certain criteria, and then decide what info we wanted. And we could save it, so we could pull it each month for committee meeting reports.