Den Level Promotion


@mlsully2002 Problem is I do not want them to go to a new den. If they are Den 1. I want them to always be in Den 1. I want to promote their rank but not create a new den. This is a wasted step. I should be able to promote without changing the den.


Worse yet I clicked ‘Edit’ and changed the den to the new rank. Only to go in and see the boys did not advance in rank. Doubled up the work effort. May not sound like much but when you have 12 dens with 10 boys in each den it adds up.

Ideally I would be able to bulk promote the dens. I could select all the dens I want to advance in rank. Should be all I have to do as a user. Backend handles the rest.


That is correct, editing the level is a necessary step, but they have to be moved out and back in to initialize the new awards. I would create a dummy den, promote the scouts there, then promote them back after changing the level and then you should be all set.


My thought is you have listed the steps we must go through to successfully promote a den.

  1. Select a den
  2. Create a new den for that den.
  3. Promote the den to a new rank and the newly created den.
  4. Repeat for every den.

Wouldn’t it work better for the end user to do something like this:

  1. Select all the dens they want to promote (ranks are sequential so no need to tell what to promote to)
  2. Click ‘Promote’
  3. All dens and cubs are at the new level. All the extra steps and burden is then passed over to the server to handle.

Seems pretty doable and a HUGE bust for the end user.


In certain scenarios. You’ve elected to use custom dens. “Den 1” And that’s fine. But TroopTrack is set up to support the default layout where each you you promote scouts to the next level or den. I think the real solution is to make it so when you press edit and change the level, it will change all the scouts. Apparently that’s a little more complicated than we think. But the promote feature is used in all the groups we support as a method of bulk changing scouts from one level/patrol/unit/troop to another so we can’t just change it to fit this scenario.


What other dens can I use other than custom dens? Would love to know a better way to do this. this process took me an hour yesterday. It should not take this long. Not only did it take time it is error prone

I disagree with you about the edit being the real solution. The ranks are progressive. If I want to promote my dens I should not have to specify the next rank. I should be able to promote the entire pack or atleast all the dens i selected.

I understand you are trying to create a generic product to fit all different groups. But you should not make the specific user groups suffer.


By default the dens are set up by level. This works for most users. Just promote to the next den and level and done.

This process takes seconds, maybe minutes, so I’m not sure what you did to take an hour.

Just so there’s no confusion. Here are the steps.

  1. Edit the level.
  2. Create the dummy den.
  3. Promote to dummy den.
  4. Promote back to custom den.

Done. Took me longer to edit those images than it did to go through the process.

There are WAY too many potential problems with a blanket “promote” button and I think it’s a better practice to give users the options.

Thanks for the feedback though. We’re totally open to new ideas, but unless I can justify the money needed to develop it, it’s probably not going to make it onto the list.



Here are the things you failed to mention in your simple scenario that you could not believe took me so long:

  1. You do not have a floating header bar where the ‘add den’ button is. Requires me to scroll up each time and lose context.
  2. You do not have the rank on the title bar of the den making identification of the den more difficult
  3. you did not add in the delete of each den.
  4. Filter state does not persist after the page refreshes.

Multiply by 12.

As opposed to my suggestion which makes sense. Dummy dens, cant believe that is the path.? Do that on the backend and keep that out of the users hand.

At the end of the day it is a less than optimal design, I am sorry you do not see that.


You could try incorporating the rank in the name of the den, e.g., Wolf Den 1 or Bear Den 4 (even if you only have 1 Bear Den). Then promote all scouts, starting with the oldest.

You would then have to go back and rename the newly promoted dens, so Bear Den 4 would be renamed to Bear Den 1, to reflect that it is the same scouts from the original Wolf Den 1.

I remember being able to promote scouts pretty easily in scouttrack, but that was years ago.

Good luck!


Is the promotion to a dummy den still required? I too name my dens den1, den2, den3, etc. and I advanced all my scouts to the next rank from the Manage->Dens screens by clicking Edit and changing the den level. I did NOT promote them to/from a dummy den, but when I click on Progress Report my scouts who were tigers and are now wolves show 0% progress on Wolf Badge (2015+). Am I done, or is the promote step still required?


As of right now, the process with the dummy den is still required. We are trying to work on a bug fix that will allow users to promote all scouts in a given den, but it is still in progress, as we are currently a little shorthanded. We are doing our best to work on it though. Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this!


Ok, I went through the to/from dummy den process. I cannot see that it changed anything but if it was the right thing under the hood, that’s fine. All my Cub Scout dens are still showing the 2015+ rank requirements, not the 2016+


Good news! Our developer took a look at the code and has updated it so that when a den/patrol is promoted, it also promotes all of the scouts within it. This will eliminate the need for the whole dummy den process. However, it will take several days for that code to go live, so you’ll all need to bear with us just a little longer.

As a heads-up, it takes a long time for all of the new achievements to load for each scout, whether this is through the dummy den process or the new one that hasn’t gone live yet. Because of this, the process runs in the background, rather than forcing you to stare at never-ending loading screen and preventing you from continuing to use other features on the website. Because of this, the achievements will not initially show up when the scouts are promoted; in fact, it could take several minutes to complete for all scouts.


I took a look at your dens and they all seem to be showing the appropriate 2016+ rank requirements now. As mentioned in my other comment, this process does take several minutes and runs in the background, so the new requirements won’t initially show up, even after promoting the den. But they will show up, eventually. :wink:


Thanks @KelsieC
When I click on an individual scout and look at their achievements, I do indeed see the 2016+ achievement.
But when I look at a den progress report, I still see the 2015+ achievement listed. Can I change what award the Den Progress Report shows to make it the 2016+ version?


When you go to the den progress report, there is an option near the top to “Change Award.” Clicking this opens a dropdown menu, where you can select the “Cub Scout Award” section and then select “Wolf Badge (2016+)” from the menu.

On our end of things, we need to set it up so that it defaults to the 2016+ awards instead, so we will work on that. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


Could you take the change to the default den progress award one step further and let me choose the default? It could be in the same Edit Den screen when I give my den a name and assign the rank. A third option could be added so I could pick the award to show in the progress screen. It would be handy for my arrow of light den to show me AOL progress, not remind me that they all completed Webelos rank.


OK, we just went thru Crossover an I want to promote the ranks of all my dens.
This thread has been amazingly difficult to follow including the crazy screenshots of promoting den to another den name were ridiculous, our den names do not advance our Ranks do.
Before I do this can you give me a step by step guide that will show me how to advance the Rank of my Wolves to Bears and have Trooptrack add all of the new Achievements.
Or is there a guide somewhere to show me these steps. As far as I can tell this is not very intuitive. Thanks, eagerly wait your response so I can get this done properly.


I moved ahead and promoted all of my dens.
It seems I did something wrong as the ranks all were doubled.
Please see screenshot. Any suggestions on if I should delete the first or second instance of the rank.


This is a bug that we are working on fixing. As long as you don’t delete one that shows progress (anything more than 0%), you can delete either duplicate.