DISCUSSING: Paypal Fee description on transaction in Paypal

Your Fee is" Desc: Order #598643-14390-7fca480c by Jeff Teague"

Previously it would have said " Desc: Transaction Fees: Event fees for “Winter Backpacking Trip” - paid through PayPal"

This makes it harder to balance transactions between PayPal account

To clarify this if we can find some way to show the PayPal deposits in some way to be able to balance the payments in bulk for outings and money book transactions as opposed to general one transaction one coded fee. it is hard to sort and look at total dollars on CSV file in Paypal or TroopTrack according to our treasurer.

Did you ever get an answer for this. We just came across same issue.

Rob Curran
Troop 149 / 1149

They are working on a fix that will allow you to code and track the events. The shopping cart doesn’t link the events and we have a hard time like you do with a basic balance of the total funds for an event or outing…I know that is what I received in the feedback from TroopTrack.

@jteague @RobCurran Have you checked out the changes we made to Manage -> Money -> Orders? It allows you to see all the items that were purchased across multiple orders, and you can filter them by event so you can see all the purchase for a single event.

The problem with an itemized list in the description is that it can be very long now that you can have multiple items in a single purchase. This save you money on PayPal fees, but it means an itemized description could be something like this:

Desc: Transaction Fees: Event fees for “Winter Backpacking Trip”, Event fees for “Summer Backpacking Trip”, Event fees for “Some Other Trip”, "Tee-shirt for “Some Other Trip”- paid through PayPal

My concern is that a description like that would also not be very helpful, and when we add support for a unit store later this year it will become even more difficult to use descriptions this way.

Many customers asked for the cart, which is why we built it. But we are learning that other customers would rather pay the extra fees and have the simplicity of the old approach. We aren’t considering bringing that back, but we are discussing the possibility of allowing customers to limit the cart to a single item, which would make the old descriptions possible again. Before we go down that path, we are attempting to educate users and see if they can adapt to the cart approach.

Have you read the explainers about the shopping cart? It can help you understand how it works.

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Hi Dave,

Thanks for responding.

I did do a little more looking through the user community and found the reason and answer…which I’ve forwarded to my treasurer. Which makes sense.

As a parent with multiple scouts I do like the cart approach. I just need to educate our members.

One issue I am having (and I may have sent an email regarding this) is when I view payments in an individual event it shows certain scouts who have paid, but when I go to the orders page it shows addition scouts paid who have not RSVP’d to the event. Not sure why this is happening.

And while I have you…:grinning:.

Is there a way to set up a payment plan in troop track?

For an expensive event like Sea Base or Philmont I’d like to give my parents the option to make monthly payments if possible.

Thanks for your help.

@RobCurran Automated payment plans are on the to-do list. In the meantime, here’s what many customers do - they set up a series of events with fees that are really just deadlines for making the payments for a large event. For example, let’s say summer camp is $360. They will set up an event called “Summer Camp Payment Plan” with a youth fee of $60. They require payment to RSVP and don’t allow guests. Then each member can pay for each event.

Automated payment plans will be usable for dues, large events, and other things.