Eagle Palm Applicaion

We just received a request for this form with an autofill feature.

Who else is interested in this?


Bring it on. Handwriting is dead and they can’t read what they scribble now.

Maybe if it accepted emoji, it could be even more useful (read sarcasm).

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I wouldn’t mind writing a “proof of concept” for a couple of these forms using the dev API. Would you be able to give me a very general idea of how you are creating these forms, so what I create might be usable by you (or at least serve as a template) down the road? I can think of a couple ways to do it, but I’d like to follow your general design if possible.

Yes, please! FWIW - I asked a similar question about a year ago before the community site when we had private requests: Ticket #13570.

I was going to try and code up something here, but if you all could do it, I’d really appreciate it!


@mlsully2002 - there are lots of ways to generate this stuff, and I’d like to use the same methods and framework you guys do. I’m pretty sure you’re using rails to generate the pdfs. Would you be able to provide a general overview of how you’re creating these forms in-house, so I can put some time into proof of concepts for other forms?

Any update yet on this feature? I’m having to do another hand fill out form for our a scout this week and I’ll be doing it again next week. Would be great if we could get the form auto-filled.

Not yet. This is a nice feature to have, but there are some other things further along the queue we have to work on and finish first.

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