Email Inbox & Subdomain Emails


The new Email Inbox is now available as a BETA feature. Turning this on will not turn the old mailing lists off yet. I’ll be posting some screenshots of how this works soon. Please post your feedback on this new feature here.

Once we’ve worked through the bugs, you will be able to disable the old mailing lists when you are ready.

BETA Test the new Email Inbox
Emails sent from external clients losing formatting


Activating the Inbox
Go to Manage -> Edit Troop/Pack Settings and click the TroopTrack Settings tab.

Please note that if you aren’t already using subdomain emails your mailing list addresses will change domains from * to * Emails sent to your old email addresses should continue to work but you may need to educate your users about the change.

After you update the settings, you will need to add privileges for anyone you want to be able to see the inbox and to manage mailboxes. Go to their profile, click on the privileges tab, and check the privileges as shown below.

Once this is done you should see “Inbox” in the Communicate menu.


Creating a Mailbox

On the next screen you can see your new mailbox. Notice that it does not forward the email to anyone yet. If someone sends an email to this mailbox now it will appear in the “scouts” folder of the inbox but not get sent on to anyone. We can change that next.

I want the scouts mailing list to copy me and send to all scouts. NOTE: the “copy parents on scout emails” setting still applies, so I don’t need to check the parents box.

After we save…

When we go back to the inbox…

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Bug report for new INBOX:

  • If emails are send from outside email client to a new mailbox with the new sub-domain, it never comes through.

  • When a message is received and is forwarded to an adults email address, the email includes to the Troop Track email header image, not the custom set email image header set in settings. (BTW, there are still many email notification templates that are still like this. Confuses parents.)

When I send a message and select to send from “Me”, the message is listed in the INBOX and from “David Christiansen” which is not me.


When I send a message and select to send from “Me”, the message is listed in the INBOX and from “David Christiansen” which is not me.

Okay, that’s hilarious. I should probably fix that! :slight_smile:


I’m pushing a fix for the hard-coded from value right now @kylegoodwin83. I’m going to try to reproduce the other problems and send a fix.

If you want to send an email using the old message composer, just go to Communicate -> Send an Email.



When I am in the Mailboxes screen, and then move to a different menu option, and then use the browser back button, any free form input fields (cc boxes & Main body of email) are duplicated by the number of times I go back and forth. e.g 1st time I go to a new menu, then use the back button, I get 2x the fields, if I do the same again, I get 3x the fields etc. I also posted this asa bug on the Main Support site.

This is on a McBook Pro, using Safari Version 10.1 (12603., MacOS Sierra Version 10.12.4 Beta (16E183b).

Roscoe van Muylwyk


I just created a message from scratch and the custom e-mail header was not picked up, it used the Standard TroopTrack header.

Roscoe van Muylwyk


After sending from new Sub-domain, I did not receive the e-mail delivery confirmation like I did with the old e-mail lists


Fixed this one. Thanks for reporting it.

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I’ve got a fix for this one too. It will be live by morning.



It’s probably not in the scope of this project, but it would neat if one could set a mailbox to ping a webhook with the message. That would allow flexible final-mile delivery of the message by troop-hosted code.

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First - great improvement and emails being able to be delivered from external clients to groups is awesome.

Things I noticed with my first testing:

The test message I sent to a new mailbox called “Scoutmaster” - did not show and address in the “From”. It is blank.

The message paragraph truncation / squishing is happening when the email is delivered to the external client (Outlook).

  • The message sent has paragraphs breaks.
  • The message arrives in the inbox without any paragraphs. It is one continuous paragraph.
  • The “read” in the mailbox (TroopTrack) shows the formatting correctly. The delivery to the persons email client is without the formatting.

I find that when I use subdomains - I auto-type (habit) end the email address with “.com” instead of “.email”. Any consideration to allow for .com? .email is clever but is it really necessary?

Do the new inbox beta mailboxes only accept emails from TroopTrack user accounts or is it anyone?.


Want to point out that the mailbox list on the left doesn’t sort alphabetically like it does on the “Send an Email” list of groups.

I would suggest that it be sorted.


Trying out the Beta Inbox. The existing email system allows a TroopTrack setting to send copies of emails to parents. I sent a test message to my son as the only recipient to see if it automatically copied me, and it appears the Beta version does not check this setting and only gives an option to include All Parents. Perhaps a new check box within the Inbox itself (instead of buried in settings) to “send a copy to parents” of the selected youth when the box is set up? Thanks for working on this.

New Beta Mailbox

I just switched over to this and tested it a bit. I noticed that an email sent with different paragraphs (separated by enters or “carriage returns”) came across as a single line in the email that showed up in the recipients regular personal email inbox. When I look in the TroopTrack inbox the intended formatting by the sender is there. I would like the formatting of the sender to be better retained.



@dave Is anything up with the E-Mail inbox? One of my committee members has been trying to send emails for the past 2 days, and I just tried to send (2x), and nothing is being received…It looks like it was sent, but nothing has been received,

Roscoe van Muylwyk


Same issue here. I just sent an email with standard HTML formatting. It contained text formatting, spacing, and bulleted lists. All of these are available in the editor. Upon receipt, all formatting had been removed and the email came across as a very long single line.

I tried sending the same email from within the TT editor, and it was not sent.


How do I manage the content of the mailboxes? I can read messages, but how do I delete them?

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