Entering Pathfinder Beads

I know when we have training files to enter in TT an easy way to do it is to send TT a .csv file and you can upload it for us. Crazy question, is there a way to do this for Pathfinder beads? My leaders this year, and this is my fault, didn’t realize that they could enter beads into TT for their girls. Now I have a list of service beads, one of our PF has 37 beads to enter for service. One by one. Since their program is so different from the rest of the program, entering their beads for service and memory verses can be a little tedious regularly. Is it possible to send you a .csv file with girl name, date earned, and bead to make it magically appear?

Another thought was when service is entered for a PF, could their service beads populate on the Manage Stars page? And we just approve them for them to appear in their record? That would really be LOVELY!!! But probably a lot more work for you guys!

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