Event Fees for Guests not working


I created an event with an adult fee of $25 and a youth fee of $25.

Several users have registered with adult guests, and have correctly been billed by PayPal for the appropriate amount. However, the money book shows only $25.87 for the Scout (plus transaction fee). The amount for guests is not accounted for, and the RSVP info is lost.

Please help: losing records of transactions and an accurate count of event attendees is not acceptable.

Thank you.


This is continuing to happen. I have also received payment for a family and it is not accounted for in the money book or event RSVP.

The event in question is: https://517shilshole.trooptrack.com/plan/events/777351

My money book is currently ~$224 out of balance with my actual paypal account, and I’m having to go in and manually change the transactions.


We are having the same issue! I hope this gets sorted out. I have had to manually compare Paypal and TT and update the attendees manually. This is a pain, since this was the whole reason our Pack switched to TT.


There’s a note in today’s release notes that indicates they may have fixed this: 25 Jul 2018 Update

I sure hope so…