Filter community based on troop type?

I don’t see that this is possible right now, but it would be nice if it were possible to filter this community area based on your troop type (and have that filter ‘stick’).
i.e. If I’m a TrailLife troop leader, I really don’t have any interest in the features that are specific to BSA and not available to TL troops.
I’m not sure how to do that (tags, etc.), esp. because there are many categories that do apply to everyone.
So this is an idea that isn’t quite ‘worked out’, but I can foresee this site getting so big with so many topics that don’t apply to “me” that I just don’t use it (at least not as effectively if I could just see relevant content). [And I’m guessing the “me” there would also apply to others, esp. those who are not that familiar with forums or don’t have as much time to weed through the content.]


I’ve thought about making categories for each unit type for discussions that relevant only to a certain type of troop. I just haven’t decided on that course yet because I want to see how things develop.

~ Dave

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Yeah, this is an idea that I really see as possibly too ‘utopian’ to actually exist.
Although tags would probably ‘solve’ the technical ‘how to’, the reality is that most users probably wouldn’t take the time (or even understand how) to tag their own entries, and if you require tagging, many will just use non-specific tags.

It’s probably better to spend time on encouraging people to have ‘useful’ subject lines so that searching returns good results.

I agree that this would be a very nice feature. I can see that some aspects of the program would apply to all group types but others are specific. It would help if I didn’t have to wade through those posts and get confused by them.:slight_smile: