FIXED: Bug: RSVP dropdown throws an error on change

When viewing an event that has the option of RSVPing to the event, an error is fired on the dropdown change. Subsequently, no RSVP is recorded.

There error is:

Uncaught ReferenceError: Rails is not defined
    at e (application-fa62bb931bd78dcb0b639953c9aee72a7de556e05d3156497192e46025fa0a06.js:572)
    at HTMLSelectElement.<anonymous> (application-fa62bb931bd78dcb0b639953c9aee72a7de556e05d3156497192e46025fa0a06.js:572)
    at HTMLDocument.dispatch (application-fa62bb931bd78dcb0b639953c9aee72a7de556e05d3156497192e46025fa0a06.js:41)
    at HTMLDocument.m.handle (application-fa62bb931bd78dcb0b639953c9aee72a7de556e05d3156497192e46025fa0a06.js:40)

Hi @PrestonKorn. I just pushed a change to get rid of the dropdown. We’re just going to make everyone click the RSVP button. I know, it’s not quite as convenient, but I think it makes sense to simplify the interface here. There are too many ways to RSVP!