FIXED: Reorganizing by column headings

In the old TT, we could click on a column heading and reorganize the information on the page by that column. For instance, I used to be able to click on my girl’s achievements tab and then filter her achievements by her Progress any of the other columns. I can still do that for Participation and Service, but I can no longer do that under the Achievements tab. Is that a bug or a feature that was removed?

I found this question over here as well: FIXED: Sort Achievements Gone on update


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Yes, this is indeed a bug and we will be fixings this and bringing the sort functionality back. This bug was reported yesterday (BUG: Sort Achievements Gone on update). Follow that thread for updates on the issue.

This is on our todo list and we will get it fixed as soon as possible.

Thanks so much,