FIXED: The update broke the achievement view on a scout

It shouldn’t be missing. We probably won’t get to it today. @Tyler can you add this to the to-do list please?

Things are much more stable now. We probably aren’t going to roll back today. Please let us know if you are still having critical issues.

No worries @dave I was just checking to see if I was missing it or it was moved. Thanks!

One more question: Are the girls’ service stars supposed to cover their pics? I’ve got a few girls I can’t even see their pics b/c they have a TON of stars!

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This has been added to our todo list! Thanks so much for pointing that out @SRUEDU. If you have any questions or have any other issues that come up, please feel free to reach out to I want to make sure everything gets on our to do list.


We are getting ready for Badge Wagon and I have a lot of people who will be putting stuff in last minute so I’m sure if they have any trouble I’ll hear about it and forward it on. Thanks so much!!

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@dave, @Tyler, the link to the Community is missing.

Hi @AaronStorey,

Yes, the support menu missing is indeed a bug. Our technical team is fixing that, and it should be back soon as it is on our todo list. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but it will be back.


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Service Hours are another issue. I can only add whole numbers. So what I do I do if a participant only volunteered .5 or .25 hours?!

Events cannot be added or edited. A bunch of gibberish appears on the edit window. The text edit window in creating emails also has this same problem. Can’t sent emails or communication. The navigations have changed, controls moved, Unit information that previously appeared on the banner at the top of the website is gone, and the look and feel of the website has deprecated to something basic and generic. This is a major update without much communication ahead of time. Please consider a roll back since these issues and a thorough testing does not seem to have been conducted.

Edit - The problems above appear in Firefox. I switched to Safari and the text edit windows appear to allow me to enter text. All other issues still present.

Dave - our entire Pack is frustrated; I think you should seriously consider rolling this back. It’s beyond our understanding why an update would roll out mid-month, without notice. Most of our privilege settings were lost, advancement reports can no longer be viewed by all den leaders, no email communication can be sent from any browser other than safari, money links to each scout is inactive, and we could go on. Reporting from Pack 456 in Palmyra, PA

thank you

Hi @DanielFellon. I’m sorry you are frustrated. I have questions about some parts of your feedback, but please don’t see them as confrontational. I just want to understand.

  1. You mention mid-month rollout as being an issue. I’ve never had anyone say that before. Can you tell me what is important about that please?
  2. Lost privilege settings - can you give me an example? Maybe something you can can no longer do that you used to be able to? We didn’t make any changes to privileges, so I’m concerned about this. Also, no one else has reported it.
  3. The email problem has been fixed.
  4. When you say “money links to each scout is inactive” what do you mean? On what page are the links you are referring to?

I am sorry we didn’t provide notice of this upgrade. We should have done that.

Best regards,


Hi Preston,
This problem is now fixed.



HI @dave
Thanks for the quick message back. I’ll keep the same numbers for simplicity below.

  1. the mid-month roll-out - this was a pretty drastic update, but being as it’s the holiday month with tight schedules, our advancement tracking has been disrupted for our meeting this week.
  2. Privileges - our den leaders lost the ability to run advancement reports; our account admin is needing to reassign what privileges den leaders vs. admins have.
  3. I don’t see any change to the email problem. when we try to send an email, the attached is what we see.
  4. If we go into Manage Den, then select a scout, there is no longer any account/money information saved to that scout’s individual profile.

thanks, but we’re feeling a bit crippled at the moment.

  1. Okay, thanks. December is usually a very slow month on TT traffic-wise, which is why we decided to roll it out now. Would the week between Christmas and New Years have been better?
  2. Okay, I’ll try to see if we made any changes there
  3. Thanks Dan. What browser are you using? I tested Chrome and Firefox and the editor was fixed in both of them for me.
  4. Thanks for this clarification


About #4.

The user profiles used to have a tab across the top. People complained about the vertical space it took up, so we made it a drop-down. I’ve included a screenshot to help see this.

So the access to money accounts is still there.

Thanks, Dave. We have several leaders at our Committee Meeting now, and safari is the only browser it’s working on, on a Mac. All of our PCs using Firefox, Chrome, and IE have the issue I screenshotted. Have you tried with Windows 10? It appears to work fine with all Windows 7 computers, but Windows 10 are crippled.

Also, the color coding on the calendar used to utilize white text if it was a darker color that black text was hard to discern; that seems to have changed.

Do you have any thoughts on polling users if roll-back would be beneficial until you can work out the bugs?


Have you tried a hard-refresh? It’s possible your browsers are caching the CSS for the editor. In chrome you can do this by holding down shift and hitting refresh.

As far as rolling back goes, we are discussing it.

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We rolled back - I posted an announcement in the product updates section. Thanks for your feedback - it helped us with our decision.

thank you for the update!

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For those who have yet to see the TT4 rollback announcement, you can read more here on this thread: TroopTrack 4 Roll Back Announcement