How Do I Add the Same Parent to Multiple Dens?


I love how easily the GUI allows us to arrange the Pack into Dens. However, I can’t easily discern how to assign the same parent to multiple Dens for parents with multiple boys in the program.

Can someone please share how to do this?


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We’ve actually created 2 dens for our adults. We have a Parent Patrol and a Leader Patrol. “Parent Patrol” is for our non-leader parents. The “Leader Patrol” is for our registered leaders serving on the committee and who are not den leaders. And lastly, our den leaders are placed in the den with their scouts to allow them to update achievements for their den only.

We also intentionally avoid placing an email address on the cub scouts’ member records, and we make sure to check the “Copy parents on all scout emails”.

I’d be interested to hear how other packs/troops/etc are managing their dens.


I am in need of this as well. I’m a parent for 1 level but a Leader for 2 different levels. I also have parents who have kiddos in multiple levels. Really need to figure out how to associate them with multiple patrols.


+1 We often have parents with kids in multiple dens. Really need to be able to associate with multiple dens.