How do I track who has paid for an event and who still owes?

We have a minor league baseball game coming up in August, but due to various packages that families can choose from I cannot use the fees in the calendar to track the event, so we left them at $0 in the calendar. The game fees are:
Camping - $18
Non-camping - $15
Game only - $9.50

As people pay for the baseball game, how do I track their payments? And how do I know who has paid and who hasn’t paid? Do I need to track this on an external spreadsheet?

Hmm… I’m afraid we don’t support multiple fees like this right now. This kind of thing is on our todo list, but it’s mid-list. Not at the top, but certainly higher in the queue.

You could create 3 separate events, but that can be a pain to manage. You could also charge the game only fee in a single event and have them put in the notes if they are non-camping: +$5.50 or camping: +$8.50, then just charge their accounts for the remainder if they need it at all.

Or you could handle the whole thing in the money accounts. Just require them to say which one in their RSVP for $0 and then charge their personal account for the total.

These all make sense, but I was hoping for something that would be easy to print one report that tells me how many of each tickets to purchase from the ballpark. Unless there is some better way you can think of, I think I’ll just track this in an Excel for now. Thanks!

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