Incomplete Achievement Badge Report

I’m working on the Incomplete Achievement Badge Report (IABR) to start (early) with girls who will be leveling up in May. I have two pioneers that started at the same time. They have almost all of the same events. One girl’s IABR is showing that date and the other isn’t. Is there an easy way to get the even to show up? Manual fill in, possibly?
Thank you for any help.
Tracy Sockriter
PS. Yes, I know it’'s New Year’s Day. Will wait patiently. To all the developers: THANK YOU!

HI @tsockriter,

You may go to Plan > Record Attendance, find the event, and make sure the girl who it is not showing up for is marked as invited/attended.

If you manually entered it, it is there, just hidden ATM. The developers built a fix for this bug but it has not been released yet (probably some last minute testing). When that gets released, all manually entered attendance will reappear.