Internet Calendar Add-On

Looking for the community feedback on this idea inspired by one of my users:

When you look at events in the TT calendar, you know that they relate to your unit.
TT has also an option for an internet calendar so that the users get access to the events by only looking at their own calendar.
However, nothing in the event title says that it’s coming from TT for the unit.
It gets even worse if you have multiple kids in your household in different units (a pack and a troop for example). Then you really don’t know what’s what.

So, the proposal would be to add [Unit_type unit_number] in front of all the events in the internet calendar and internet calendar only.

The event name result would look like this:

In TT: Fall campout
Internet calendar: [Pack 170] Fall campout


I like this idea. When we did the Internet calendar, I went back and edited the titles to all the events to say something similar.