National Summertime Award question


Working on the “National Summertime Pack Award” and confused as to why I see TWO seemingly identical awards.

National Summertime Award
National Summertime Pack Award

I looked at both, and they look identical.

I filled in progress for one Scout on the "National Summertime Award"
Two of the Three meeting dates show up in the “National Summertime Pack Award”

So… are they the same? not? Which one should we be using?


Hi @njmike,

You can go to Manage > Settings > Manage Active Achievements to deactivate one of them. It looks like someone may have requested a name change or something on the Achievement and we just didn’t retire the other one. Not entirely sure. I will ask Melissa to check. I think you can just pick which one you want to use.

Great, OK, thanks. I would hate to pick the wrong one, then find out it got removed in a future update.