Pack "Contacts Section" to record contact details for non-members

I have several important contacts I would like to save, like the school administrator (where we meet); the nearby Troop (who we coordinate activities with); the veterans’ organization (who we volunteer with); the local YMCA contact to request use of the pool etc, etc. I would like to have a “Contacts” section where leaders could access these important names/emails/numbers in order to organize their activities (as appropriate) without having to reach our to me each time… As I like to say: what if I win the lottery and move to away, who will have all this stuff?? Kidding aside, it would make daily life much easier for the Pack and ensure smooth transition of leadership. Thanks!

ps: These emails should not go in the magic mailing list! I initially created a “dummy den” to record these, but then I ran into the issue that these are not supposed to be members and should not get included in the auto-magic-all-members email… Thus I deactivated them…

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