Pathfinder - Record Progress for Individual


I need to add some earned beads for our Pathfinder, but when I go to “Record Progress for Individual” and select our Pathfinder, the list includes some badges she cannot earn, some pins she cannot earn, a number of “Event and other patches”, but NOT ANY of the Pathfinder beads.

Yes, I can go to her individual record and add them from there, but I was hoping this would be easier. Can you please fix that?


If you go to Start Achievement, scroll all the way down. Under Level Awards is a section called “Other” and what you’re looking for is under that. (Blue bead, red bead, white bead, logo bead) Entering two blue beads will require you to click Start Achievement twice, but you can do different color beads all st the same time. HTH. :smile:


Yes. That’s what I ended up doing. I wasn’t saying that I couldn’t enter them at all. It was just that they were not available for a Pathfinder in the record individual achievement area.



PLEASE FIX THIS!!! All sorts of items available for Pathfinders, BUT NO PATHFINDER BEADS!! (Blue Attendance Bead, AHG Logo Stepping Stone Bead, White Service Star Bead, Red Heart Memory Verse Bead). They are all in the “Other” section, which isn’t available. And can the beads have their own “Pathfinder Beads” section?


Still awaiting a response…