PENDING: Email Inbox & Subdomain Emails

Fixed this one. Thanks for reporting it.

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I’ve got a fix for this one too. It will be live by morning.



It’s probably not in the scope of this project, but it would neat if one could set a mailbox to ping a webhook with the message. That would allow flexible final-mile delivery of the message by troop-hosted code.

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First - great improvement and emails being able to be delivered from external clients to groups is awesome.

Things I noticed with my first testing:

The test message I sent to a new mailbox called “Scoutmaster” - did not show and address in the “From”. It is blank.

The message paragraph truncation / squishing is happening when the email is delivered to the external client (Outlook).

  • The message sent has paragraphs breaks.
  • The message arrives in the inbox without any paragraphs. It is one continuous paragraph.
  • The “read” in the mailbox (TroopTrack) shows the formatting correctly. The delivery to the persons email client is without the formatting.

I find that when I use subdomains - I auto-type (habit) end the email address with “.com” instead of “.email”. Any consideration to allow for .com? .email is clever but is it really necessary?

Do the new inbox beta mailboxes only accept emails from TroopTrack user accounts or is it anyone?.


Want to point out that the mailbox list on the left doesn’t sort alphabetically like it does on the “Send an Email” list of groups.

I would suggest that it be sorted.


Trying out the Beta Inbox. The existing email system allows a TroopTrack setting to send copies of emails to parents. I sent a test message to my son as the only recipient to see if it automatically copied me, and it appears the Beta version does not check this setting and only gives an option to include All Parents. Perhaps a new check box within the Inbox itself (instead of buried in settings) to “send a copy to parents” of the selected youth when the box is set up? Thanks for working on this.

I just switched over to this and tested it a bit. I noticed that an email sent with different paragraphs (separated by enters or “carriage returns”) came across as a single line in the email that showed up in the recipients regular personal email inbox. When I look in the TroopTrack inbox the intended formatting by the sender is there. I would like the formatting of the sender to be better retained.


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@dave Is anything up with the E-Mail inbox? One of my committee members has been trying to send emails for the past 2 days, and I just tried to send (2x), and nothing is being received…It looks like it was sent, but nothing has been received,

Roscoe van Muylwyk

Same issue here. I just sent an email with standard HTML formatting. It contained text formatting, spacing, and bulleted lists. All of these are available in the editor. Upon receipt, all formatting had been removed and the email came across as a very long single line.

I tried sending the same email from within the TT editor, and it was not sent.

How do I manage the content of the mailboxes? I can read messages, but how do I delete them?


What is the latest on this beta feature becoming the standard? This thread was started almost two years ago (March 2017), but I’m not able to find anything on the status since the above posts ended in May 2017. Is this still the direction TroopTrack communications is headed or has this been abandoned?

Thanks for any updates.

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Will this continue as BETA? We are totally confused as to how the email through TroopTrack should work. Can someone explain what’s going on?

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While I cannot answer the question as to if this will continue in BETA, that would be a question for @KelsieC.
I may be able to help with information on how the system currently works but that depends on your TT Settings.

If you are an Admin go to Manage - Settings - Edit Settings

Then select TroopTrack Settings.

Is “Subdomain e-mail enabled” set to Yes or No, if it is Yes then is “Use the new Inbox” set to Yes or No?

Subdomain is yes. New inbox is yes.

I won’t really be able to provide help as I have not enabled the New Inbox beta feature yet only the Subdomain e-mail. Sorry. As with the other post now that @KelsieC has been tagged I am sure she will respond. Unfortunately it seems the Community is not as active as it once was since no one that is using these two features has chimed in.

I finally enabled this feature and have done some initial testing. Here are my takeaways:

Ability to receive messages from outside, non registered e-mail addresses, this has been asked from many people in the past and I think the fact that this works got lost in the information about this feature. This may be the biggest plus for many. I initially tried this with a Mailbox that previously existed as a Custom mailing list and did got an error sending from an outside address. I created a new Mailbox and was able to receive a message from outside.

Sending a message from an outside source does not retain message formatting. This is no different than the previous groups, if you send a message from an outside e-mail client say Gmail, or Outlook all formatting from the message is lost.

Generating the message from within TT the formatting is correct just like other messages that are manually generated from Communicate > Send an Email.

I deleted my old "communication->mailbox “webmaster” email, and made sure that my old “custom mailinglist webmaster” was deleted and created a brand new mailbox (from within inbox (BETA)) the recipent is the leadership role “webmaster” (one of my leadership roles). I sent an email from the outside from an unregistered user, and I sent a email from within the the inbox area. I received both emails in the “inbox” mailbox named “webmaster” but have not received it at home yet.

the new “webmaster” mailbox is NOT listed on the “communicate->Send email” screen where it lists all the current mailing lists. so not sure how people are sending emails from there…

Neither emails are listed in the “recent messages” log

I made another mailbox named test and the recepient is me. I sent an email from an unregistered email and recieved it both in my test mailbox and at home.

Both test scenarios the message formatting is not retained.

It would be nice to delete messages.

I had the same thing happen with my cubmaster custom mailing list yesterday, now today I sent to my cubmaster mailbox and I did get the message, it must take some time to remove the previous custom mailing list.

@dave Any updates with this? It seems as though the new subdomain email features haven’t changed in quite some time and this thread has gone cold. I’ve given it the ol’ college try and have decided to turn both subdomain and inbox features off. I’m unable to send emails from an unregistered email address, which to me was the biggest highlight of the subdomain feature. Also, formatting issues are still there, where an email with paragraphs, line breaks, etc. come across as one long line of text sans formatting. The header is still the TroopTrack Header instead of the custom email header, which makes it confusing when troop members receive emails.

Hoping more fixes are planned, but for now we are switching back to the “old-school” email.

@toregan1I’m working on this feature this week. I’d like to get it out of beta soon.