Permission Form - Date Format

If this question is posted elsewhere, please redirect me, and I’ll be happy to read up on it. I keep getting asked by my Program Chair and I don’t see an option to change this, but maybe there is.

She would like to change the date format on the permission forms.

Current: 2016-09-10 to 2016-09-11
Requesting: 09-10-2016 to 09-11-2016

I know it’s a small detail on the paper, but it’s driving her nuts…and I offered to look into it.

If anyone is able to offer some assistance, I’d love the help!

Thank you!

Hi @ChickenWing,

Currently there isn’t a way to change the date format on the permission slips. I can certainly ask if our developers are willing to make the change though.

Thank for asking!

I support the Year-Month-Day yyyy-mm-dd format. It makes sorting the dates in csv files in Excel super easy and accurate.