Popcorn Achievements/Rewards

I see that TroopTrack has 3 “Pack Achievements” with “Popcorn” in the name:

  • 095 Popcorn
  • 122 Box Popcorn
  • 143 Popcorn

What’s the deal? What are these things, and why do 2 of them have the exact same name, but different numbers? What do they reference?

All I want to do is recognize every boy in the Cub Scout Pack who makes an effort to sell popcorn, with a patch that is offered by our Council.

Are we looking at “custom award” here, or … what?



@melissa, will you please look into this one? Thank you.

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@njmike These are called segments and they are patches that can be awarded by leaders to boys for different achievements. They are not recognized by National BSA. Here is a link to a catalog with the segments. You can see what they look like and order if you would like: http://www.idealemblem.com/patch_catalog1.html

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Ah-ha! Well that makes more sense.

I’ve seen a some scouts and scouters with these circles of patches, and couldn’t figure out what they were for. So each of those patches is called a Segment.

Does anyone know if there are any official BSA segments? Or a document that describes where segment-insignia is supposed to be displayed on a uniform?

So then this kind-of answers my original question - if I want to track work towards and receipt of a Council-offered patch, I should create a custom reward. Is that right?



I have not run across any official BSA information on the segments. Maybe there is a sash or something similar? I wish I could help you more with that.

That is the perfect situation for a custom award. If you need help creating one, let me know.

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