Provisional Progress is here!

Your assumption that this is a limitation of the feature is incorrect, this seems to be more of a Bug related specifically to individual’s accounts in TT, if you send the info to @KelsieC then perhaps she can get to the bottom of why specific users have this problem when most people do not and the feature works as expected.

We did have a bug issue I think. But once we deleted all the permissions for parents and leaders and then put them back without the Managing Outside Participation everything worked. What our troop was having problems with was that unless there was an account for each individual girl, parents couldn’t manage their daughter’s individual progress from the parent account. To enter any information, the parent had to sign into a girls’ account.

Previously, parents of our younger girls could sign in as a parent, add achievements and service for all their girls without having to sign-in and out for each daughter. Once we enabled the “Manage Outside Participation” we discovered that every girl would need to have an account and parents would have to remember accounts for each of their daughters to enter badge work and service. Some of our families have 4-5 girls and our girls who are 4/5th grade and down, entering badge work and service privileges was more than our board was comfortable with.

What we were asking was if there were plans to give Household access. So that if parents had household access, they would be able to add badge work and service participation without having to sign in and out if they have multiple girls. Currently, only our girls from 7th grade and up have the privilege to manage their own participation.

Does that make sense? Are there other troops out there that have a work around this using the Manage own Participation when they have large families or multiple kids? We’ll gladly try something else. Most of our parents aren’t tech savvy so when we change things, they tend to freak out.

I think what we thought the Manage Own Outside Participation would do is allow parents to do all the same things they did before, in the same way, except that they would no longer have the option to “recognize” their kids’ badges. It would become a feature that only our leaders and board would see since they would have “Edit Achievements” privileges. Our initial thought was that parents wouldn’t even see/realize there was much of a change at all. It was probably more a misconception/lack of understanding on our part rather than an actual TT issue. We were just wondering if there was any plans/or way to make it function as we described. If so, it would be a beautiful feature for our troop and would cut down on some of the headaches we have when parents tend to recognize their daughter’s badges before the girl presents it.

You are actually talking about two different things, the “Manage own outside participation” privilege is different from allowing Parents to enter Provisional Progress for their children. Do you want Parents to be able to add Participation in outside events to their daughters Participation profile or just enter earned Achievements that would then be approved by a leader?

I re-read through the other comments by @schwammrs and yourself, so I now understand that you need Parents to have the ability to both enter Advancements as well as Service Hours. By enabling this Provisional Progress feature and removing the “Edit Achievements” privilege you have effectively broken a Parents ability to enter Service Hours for their Daughter. The idea of allowing “Manage own outside participation” to be Household based is an Idea Request, this also feeds into the idea of more granular controls on privileges which has been asked about previously. Unfortunately at this point it looks like the only way to get both of the items you want is to go back to how you had it where Parents have the “Edit Achievements” privilege and then trust that they completed everything with no specific approval from a leader.

Drat!! I was hoping you would catch something that I missed. :wink: Our girls do an enormous amount of service so it’s imperative that parents be able to enter it. I’m not sure how we’d track it on paper and the actual needing to store those records from year to year for each girl… :scream: Last year we actually added up all the service hours for our girls. We had 5,000 service hours spread over 92 girls. I shudder to think what our leaders would do/say if we had them enter all those hours. :laughing:

We’ve also got quite a few go-getters when it comes to badges. If parents can enter their daughter’s badge requirements, then leaders can just look in TT and see what requirements a girl did, ask them questions about it when the girl presents. We have our parents fill in the “notes” section on each requirement for how the girl achieved the requirement. For us, we just have to make our parents responsible for entering their daughter’s stuff. Our leaders are our stop gap to make sure everyone stays honest and on track. :slight_smile:

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This is regarding the Provisional Progress posts. I went to manage and settings on the Beta Test screen and I do not have a settings option. Does the Troop Coordinator need to give that access to a parent?

Hi @TanyaPlott - if you had the “Settings” option in the old TroopTrack, you still have it in TT4, but we moved it. There is now a “gear” icon in the top row. If you see that, you should be able to access settings.


I checked the old Troop Track and do not have the “Settings” option. Is this an option only given to Board Members or Troop Coordinators? Who should I contact internal to my Troop to have them change this setting so parents can enter Provisional Progress for their girls.

Also, would they also be the ones assigning me and giving me access as the new Advancement Chair?

Thanks again.

The settings option is available via a privilege that anyone can have, usually troops have someone who is the “TroopTrack Admin”. We don’t like to share users names on the forums, so I’ll email you separately with the name of your account owner.


Thanks so much. I will look forward to your email.

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Hi @Spencer,
I am just seeing this - 1.5 years late to the game!

Can you confirm this for me:

  1. If I turn on Provisional Progress, it will give every TroopTrack user the ability to use Achieve > Record Individual Progress.
  2. When parents log in and click on Achieve > Record Individual Progress, they will see all of the registered youths in their household listed.
  3. If parents have Access Level of Unit, in addition to the registered youths in their own household, they will see all the registered youths in their units listed
  4. If the parents have Access Level of Troop, in addition to the registered youths in their own household, they will see all the registered youths in the troop listed.
  5. If a registered youth member logs in to her own account and clicks on Achieve > Record Individual Progress, she will see only her name listed.

I’ve been messing around with this tonight, and this is what I think I am observing, but since I only have 1 daughter in the troop, I can’t test all of this out for families with multiple girls.

I just want to make sure I understand what the other families will be seeing.

Thanks so much! I am really excited to see if this works for our troop!!

And one more question for you, @Spencer:

When I log in on my desktop, I see the “Approve Completions” box on the top right, above my itinerary, which is a great place.

But when I log in on my phone, I have to scroll waaaaaaaaay down, after the announcements to see it. Our troop has a lot of announcements, all the time.

I only use my desktop for TT, but I don’t want our leaders who use their phones to miss this information below the announcements. Is there any way to move it above the announcements? For them, it is a very important announcement! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!

And my final question (of the night), @Spencer:

After approving or rejecting the badge requirements, can you have TT send an email to the person who marked the badge as completed (parent or girl), so that there is a record of what happened to her request? Right now, once I hit Approve or Reject, I can’t seem to find any record of what I did. And the person who submitted the request gets no indication that it has been processed.

It would also be nice for the person who did the approving/ rejecting to get an email confirmation as well.

Quick solution would be to just send an automatic email when Approve/ Reject is clicked. But it might be nice to have a little window pop up with a text box so you could include a comment in the confirmation email. Especially if the requirement was rejected.

Thank you for considering this! :slight_smile:

Hi @mwestcott,

Those are some good ideas, and I’ve given your second idea to our tech team about updating the person who has submitted the request via email.

As for you first one, I’m not seeing that you have to scroll very far to get to the “approve completions” section now that the announcements are collapsable. Also, if you just hit “achieve”, “approve completions” is about the 5th one down.

I hope that the situation has already been resolved about the scrolling,

David Keener

Thanks, @Keener-Trooptrack!

Yes, the compressed announcements should make it easier to find the flag for approving badgework on a cellphone. Of course, the downside is now our announcements are hidden. There really is no way to win, is there?! :slight_smile:

Thank you!

@Keener-Trooptrack I noticed that TT added a box in the privileges section for an “Add, edit, delete participation for others”. Now this could have been done months ago, but I honestly don’t look here but once a year when we add families. If I turn on the provisional progress and the “add, edit, and delete participation for others” feature, will my parents with household access still be able to add service and achievements for all of their daughters under the parent login? Then the leaders can approve the achievements? So girls/parents no longer have the option to click that “recognize” box?

I’m only asking before I go ahead and turn on Provisional Progress, add the “Add, edit, and delete participation for others”, and delete the “Edit Achievement User Records” to make sure that we don’t completely mess things up for families. It was a headache last year to redo and fix all that. I’d like to avoid it if at all possible.

Does this make sense?


I can definitely help you out. I understand how that could be a concern. If I understand your question correctly you’re wondering if someone who is a parent can still report progress for a child without having to have the “add, edit, delete participation for others” privilege?

The answer to that is yes, because the parents have access to each of their children within the TroopTrack system they can still go to “Achieve”, “Record Individual Progress”, and then it’ll bring up a page where they can select which child they want to report their progress for. Then they can choose which child, and report the progress. It should look something like this:

That way only leaders, and other people you select, will have access to the “recognize achievements” box.

Let me know if you have any questions, or if I answered your question.

David Keener

I need parents to be able to enter both service and achievements for their girls. If I turn on the Provisional Progress and “Add, edit, delete other’s outside participation” will my parents be able to enter those things for their girls?

Right now, we don’t have either of the above turned on. We only use the “Edit Achievement Records” for families. Our struggle has been that they can recognize or just enter a completed date to finish off the badge without entering the information. If changing parent permissions to the other settings would fix that, that would be a huge advantage for our troop!


So currently with Provisional Progress parents can enter achievement information, and dates, without the permission to “Add, Edit, delete other’s outside participation”. Then with provisional progress that will get sent to the leaders for their approval. This would fix your problem of them just entering a completion date with no information about what was done.

Currently you can’t add service hours using provisional progress, but I will talk to our tech team about adding that featue.

Let me know if you have any questions,

David Keener

Drat! If that could be added, that would be amazing!!

Currently our girls participate in a LOT of service. We need parents to be able to enter their girls’ service hours b/c we can’t enter them all. Even with Covid this year, our troop had 2,000+ service hours, so having leaders enter all that for families would make them crazy! Plus it helps us keep track of their hours and what they do for Presidential Service Awards.


I agree, @Keener-Trooptrack, that allowing the girls/ parents to add individual/ at home service hours as part of Record Individual Progress would be very helpful.


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