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Discovered that my HP printer cannot handle 2 sided printing with the TroopTrack perforated blue cards. Any advice on which printers work well?


This sounds like a problem with your printer, and not TroopTrack.

Is your printer incapable of handling duplex printing?
Is your printer a laserjet or inkjet?

You might want to check out SlickDeals for a discounted printer that handles double-sided printing.

Yes, its a printer issue. Not all inkjets that print duplex can handle the thicker blue card paper. So when my HP Officejet 4650 tries to print on the back sheet the page slips a qtr inch throwing off the formatting to the perforated lines. Found a number of posts on the HP support boards on this topic but no clear answers on which can handle thicker paper stock.

Any recommendations on which printers can print double sided blue cards successfully?


Are you able to tell the printer to do manual duplexing? It might be a setting in the printer preferences dialog box. If you can do this, it will be a little more work for you to manually flip the pages over in the correct orientation, but it would resolve the issue without buying a new printer.