Reporting on uploaded files/doc's

Is it possible to add a custom report that would reflect a file description that has been uploaded to a users profile? We have many paper documents that are important and can be uploaded to a users profile however we have no way of reporting.

We would like to be able to have users upload the signature page of our troop handbook to their profile and name it say handbook.pdf with a description of “Handbook”. Then we would like to be able to run a report based on the description “Handbook” that would report on who does/doesn’t have the file and the datestamp of the uploaded file. A simple report with profile name and if datestamp is populated the doc is there and if no datestamp exists then we know they haven’t uploaded. Then we know who to chase down for dreaded paperwork. For annual doc’s if the date is older than 365 we know they need to update and upload a new version of doc. Similar to the Medical Form reporting.

We would like to be able to do this for multiple documents like Annual Activity Consent Form, Troop Resource Form, Parent Promise Document or any other document that we need to keep track of on an ongoing basis. Having this reporting would be a real time saver for Committee Members who are responsible for keeping track of reoccurring annual paperwork and putting in place a convenient process for getting parents to turn in paperwork.

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