Scout Leadership Selection tool

Would TroopTrack be able to develop an app or tool that can take the members of a troop and put them in to a Scout Leadership Ballot for the scouts to vote on?

Who: This app would be for scouts to use and adult leaders to manage within the Troop.
What: It’s an app on TroopTrack that allows the scout to log in and vote for his / her candidate to be the next scout leader.
Where: Built-in to TroopTrack -or- added on
When: Jan 31, 2019
Why: Standardized method of voting,
PROS: Recorded leadership, equitable candidacy, well-regulated, easily managed.
CONS: Change, No Internet connection renders it useless.
How/Details: The app would be opened as a pull-down in the toolbar.

  1. Constructs and scripts would take the requirements from the current Scout Handbook regarding advancement requirements.
  2. (Position) SPL
    (Requirements) [Candidate qualifications are defined here in text.]
    (Candidates) [List of qualified candidates w/ radial button - editable to add or subtract]
  3. (Text) Confirmation of candidate selection?
  4. (Submit)

“Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters have management authority, and can add and subtract scout based on candidacy eligibility requirements.”

Chad Humphrey, ASM Troop 5