Slideshow navigation

Would it be possible to enable keyboard control to page forward and back through the slideshows?

Also, it would be nice if the on-screen forward and back controls appear in a consistent place instead of shifting around as the pictures resize through the slideshow.


I would agree with this. When I want to go through a slideshow that has dozens of pics (or more), it gets frustrating to chase the “Next” button up and down for each pic when the pics change orientation between landscape & portrait. I know it is vertically centered on the pic, but I suggest putting Prev/Next buttons at the top of each pic, optionally adding an additional button at the bottom of each pic. This way the buttons at the top stay in a consistent place, and the ones at the bottom can bounce around depending on if the pic is landscape or portrait.

One more suggestion: provide some controls to pause the slideshow (maybe a “Play/Pause” button centered horizontally at the top of the pic, between the Prev & Next buttons). If I see a pic I want to show someone, I want to be able to pause the slideshow so I can show it to them. It’s frustrating to have the system keep advancing pics, then I have to go back to find it again.

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On second thought, how about making the entire left & right edges of the pics into buttons? Functionality would remain similar to the current navigation, but the buttons just get taller. As pics change format between landscape & portrait, my mouse could remain in a consistent place to flip through pics.