Test unit

I am working on getting troop track up and running, but I want to be able to test the functionality without sending things to everyone. How can I get a test or fake unit set up so what I do doesn’t hit “live” data. I believe in testing things before I use it. Thanks

We created a test family named Beanpole. We have Mama Beanpole and she has 2 kids. I used one of my personal email addresses. The Beanpole family gets tested for everything. We swap up mama’s permissions to play with them and see what permissions do. We email things out to her kids (who also have one of my email addresses). Does that help?

That makes sense. Have you made a unit called Beanpole to test unit notifications? If yes, how did you add the new unit?

Thanks for the tip

Hi @DarrenCorbin,

At the top of the Manage -> Units Page, there is a button that says, “Add Unit”. Click that and you can put all your Beanpole people or name your Unit Beanpole with all sorts of text people. :slight_smile:

This is an awesome idea!!! Thanks!

You’re welcome!! Hope it helps! It’s saved our bacon a time or two experimenting with our Beanpole family! :smiley: