Text for invitations and reminder emails


I am seeing a need in our troop for two different messages to be sent out for event invitations and event reminders.

For the invitation, I want to include information about the event so that the family can decide if they will attend.

For the reminder, I do not usually need all that information to be included, but might want to add other information for the reminder in addition to date, time, location and contact information.

2 scenarios we have encountered:

  1. Invitation email for Honor Flights had tons of details and info about how to sign up, who was the Troop contact, what is Honor Flight, etc. Reminder email had all the same information as the invitation, but some of it was irrelevant (deadlines to sign up, what is Honor Flight, etc.). It would have been better to eliminate most of those details and send a more concise reminder with date, time, location, meeting place, Troop contact, etc.

  2. Invitation to overnight event listed tons of information about the event, link to RSVP, and request for volunteers to help with planning. The Reminder email had the same content, including the request for volunteers. This created a problem for me because at the time the Reminder email was sent out, I no longer needed volunteers for the event. My head volunteer for that event was very confused and frustrated about why we were asking for more volunteers when she had everything under control. Awkward.

Possible solution:
Could you have two text boxes when you first create the event? One would be the Description (as it currently is), which would be the initial text sent out with the invitation. The second text box would have the message body for the reminder email only.



This would be an extremely useful update.


Absolutely a great idea…