The Next Version of the TroopTrack User Interface

TroopTrack has had the same look for quite a few years now and we’ve been getting complaints that it doesn’t have a modern look and feel anymore. Additionally, there have been substantial changes in web-application technology that bring some really interesting opportunities for TroopTrack.

Project Samwise is our effort to modernize the TroopTrack user interface, both in the way it looks and in the way it is built.

Here are some technical details for those who get into this stuff.

  1. The front end will be built in React with Typescript. We are going to use mobx for application state management and may use Firebase for storing certain types of data.

  2. The back end will continue to be Ruby on Rails, but it will no longer serve web pages and will only provide API endpoints for the front end.

  3. The thick “badge menu” will be replaced with a side drawer. This will free up a lot of vertical space, something that has been an issue for many users.

  4. We will be using Material UI for the design. The current UI uses Twitter Bootstrap 2, which is pretty dated.

We’ll post videos and screenshots as we go to get your feedback.


almost 1 year later - no progress updates?

Is this something that has already happened? or is this still in the work? We’re new and still evaluating TT.

This is still in the works.