Tracking Who Signed Off a Requirement


When we sign off items in a scout’s handbook, or on a blue card, it’s very easy to track who signed off the requirement. Just look at the initials, and you know who approved it. I haven’t found an indicator in troop track that will show me who signed off a requirement that is recorded in a scout’s record. It seems like a relatively easy thing to add the ID of the user who signed off a requirement as being complete. Why hasn’t this been added?


We too would like to see who is signing off on badges. It also helps us when a leader signs off in TT but not their handbook. Then the girls know who to go back to for the “legit” signature.


I really like this idea.


This would be great!


Yes please. Sometimes its me, but I don’t remember.


I would also like this feature, and the ability to change who is tagged, with the default being yourself.


Please add this.

Scoutbook tracks it by logged in user…


Great idea! Would be useful at the Cub Scout level too!


An audit trail would be very helpful! Please include soon.


I simply put initials in the note box


I agree. Knowing who posted it would be helpful.