Transferred Web 2s to the Troop and they are still showing up in new invites as Web 2s

I transferred our Web 2s back in February to the Troop’s TroopTrack when they cross-overed. Of course, they were not showing up anymore in our Pack’s TroopTrack. However, when I create new calendar invites for our new scouting year coming up the old Web 2s are showing up as Web 2s. How can I get rid of that?

Max Blake

Hi @MaxBlake,

Can you please email me a few of the names of the scouts still appearing in the Pack site? (

Thank you.

Sure and they are not showing up unless I create a new calendar invite and
select Webelo 2s. I only see there name when I go back to look at the
calendar invite that I just created. The new Webelo 2s plus the Webelo 2s
that I transferred to the Troop are showing up. Some names are listed

[Names Removed for information security]

Thanks, Max Blake

Hi @MaxBlake,

I have confirmed the bug and reported it to our developers.

Thank you for finding this for us and keep an eye out for the fix.

Issue #1712

Thanks for your assistance.
Thanks, Max Blake
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