Transferring and Assigning to Squads

I wasn’t able to find, this so sorry if it is a duplicated question…

Can you explain how/where to assign a added member into an existing squad (i.e. from Unassigned to a squad), and how to transfer from one squad to another squad within the same post (i.e. from A to B)?

If you access your Squads from the Manage Menu and then Squads and you get boxes with the youth names and squad groups you can actually drag and drop those youth from one squad to another. You can also assign from the individual youths Profile under Registration Info. I am a BSA Troop and Cub Pack unit so we are Patrols, and Dens but it sounds like the same area from how you described Unassigned.

Didn’t think to try drag and drop, worked like a champ, thanks!

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