Troop 146 Feature Request

  1. Is there a way in trooptrack to extract the email addresses that are used for an event? I could do this in and it was nice as I prefer to send my emails via GMAIL and instead of the builtin mail tools of trooproom/trooptrack.
  • Maybe accomplish this with a preview and it lists all the users that will receive.
  1. For a Merit Badge I hold a class each year. I like to use this “who needs xxx” feature to see exactly who still needs this (1 below). I don’t see this ability on trooptrack (although I can get “who has” and “who has partial”. But then I use (2 below) to email the limited set who still need this. Also I really like the (3 below) listing of rank as I prefer to target this MB class to those 1st Class and above - it’s not really a good badge for Scout/Tenderfoot/2nd Class.

  1. Partial Merit badges need a better Method to track instead of just a notes field. It would be good to check those boxes for sub items.

  2. We need a better way to filter scouts. Ideally by rank/age/oa. Additionally a way to calculate their age for next year. Specifically to see if they are old enough for philmont (!4).

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Agreed on all counts!

I create a Troop Newsletter manually in Gmail for the same reason you mentioned- TT’s emails blow up any formatting I set, so I end up just emailing all families manually. An exported list of user emails by group would be awesome (unless TT fixes their email formatting, of course).

On #2, the ability to see in one page/report who is missing any specific merit badge or requirement would be the single biggest improvement to make our lives easier.

We often struggle to have enough leadership present to allow the scouts to break up into smaller groups to work on rank requirements/badges. I then have to determine which requirements most/all scouts are missing so we can complete those instead of losing some of the boys and rehashing material some of them already completed.