Troop Track E-Mail "To" Field on Recieved E-Mails

When using the Communicate Send an E-Mail option but also for Notifications of events the “To” field of the generated e-mail is listed as the person who originated the message or whoever created the Calendar Event. Is this expected behavior?

I found a setting uneder TroopTrack Settings for Reply to and have changed that to one of our MagicMailing lists so replys can go to a group of several Leaders and not just the person who originated the message although that does not seem to have been applied either.

In my situation this is causing a problem because I am typically the one creating events but then the e-mails that are sent to my sons show up as sent to me, and I monitor their e-mails so then the rules I have set up to filter their e-mails into different folders don’t get applied so I end up with the same message three times.