Unable to remove users from Magic Mailing List


It appears we have some users that used to be in our troop still qualifying for magic mailing lists. Is there a way to remove them or see where they are coming from. My current list I am looking at is the All Adults magic list, but when I go to manage user accounts they are not listed (not in the deactivated accounts either).


Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?


Emails are starting to pick up for the year. I have noticed the previous users also show up when I choose to export the Member Spreadsheet. However, There is no location I can seem to find them to remove / inactivate them. It seems I need someone from trooptrack to help figure this one out.


I reached out to the Trail Life USA National contact and they were able to resolve this for me. In case anyone else runs into this, it appears the issue is that if someone gets deactivated / deleted while in a patrol (or their child is in a patrol) then they will continue to get populated into the magic mailing lists and member export. To avoid this ensure that you move any users to “Unassigned” before deactivating / deleting.