Updating the percentage of dependent badges

Unless I’ve missed this and it already exists: I’d like badges that depend on other badges to update automatically.

An example in the Australian badge work would be the Pioneer badge, which you get if you achieve the Campcraft (Pioneer) and Citizenship (Pioneer) plus another target badge. When a youth earns the Campcraft badge the completion date should transfer automatically to the Pioneer badge and update it to 33%. I believe at the moment Pioneer badges stay at 0% when I update the dependent badges and not the Pioneer itself.


This applies to some AHG badges as well. Must complete Fire Safety in order to begin Outdoor Cooking (e.g.).

@mwestcott I have never thought about this for regular badges, but for Level Awards, it automatically populates some of the requirements if you have already opened the badge. For example, almost as soon as a girl crosses over, we “start” the appropriate Level Award, and then the first badge she does from each frontier get entered—the finish date, at least.

So, maybe if we “start” Outdoor Cooking, it will show as partially complete when she finishes Fire Safety.