Urgent! - Missing service hours


Hi @KelsieC,

My daughter (user #416042) had 57 service hours showing in the last couple of weeks, but today she only has 15 showing. Another parent has asked about her daughter’s missing service hours (user #507650).

Looks like many of the service hours my daughter completed on her own (not official troop activities) are not showing up anymore under her Participation & Service tab. She should have a 5 year history of service projects.

Just noticed that the only events that are showing up on her Profile are for her years as an Explorer, since May 2016. This problem seems to have affected Participation & Service tab, and Manage Service Stars.

Can someone look into this soon? This is really important for our troop, as we are relying on TT to provide the data for placing our awards order the first week of December, which is next week.

Thank you!

Service Hours - past manually entered hours are not showing up
Missing Service Hours

THANK YOU for posting this, I’m having the same problem here. I spent an hour yesterday entering hours for our girls from outside events and they are all missing! I thought for the first couple that maybe I missed them so I re-entered and now I hope that doesn’t cause a bigger problem. And the manage service stars screen is not consistent in the way it lists things. Not sure what is going on but really hoping I don’t have to do it all over again.

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Same problem here! My daughter had over 100 hours and now has 20 something. I hope it is just a glitch that they can fix.


Same problem at TX6201. I was entering in service hours for girls and noticed many of our girls have hours that have been drastically decreased. Any ideas what happened?


@mwestcott @MichelleTorres @AmandaPond @MichelleLubrano

This is a bug resulting from an update we pushed through this weekend, trying to fix the duplicate event attendees bug. We are working on getting it fixed and will be able to restore it to how it was before the update was made (on Sunday). Everything from before that point will be restored. However, it will take some time to get that fixed. We hope to have it fixed by tonight or tomorrow, but it might take a couple of days.

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience.


KelsieC, I’m having the same problem as the other posters above. Will you let us know, by TT message, or FB post when this is fixed? Thanks.


Same here, a bunch of Service hours I added in for my daughter singing in the church choir are gone.


Our troop has missing hours as well.


Our troop also has this problem. Please keep us updated on progress! :slight_smile:


I noticed missing hours this past weekend as well.


Yes, we discovered this issue this morning as well. All independant service hours are missing from each girl’s profile. Thanks for letting us know the answer to the problem and that it is being fixed. Please keep us updated. Thank you.


Our troop has also been affected. Luckily, I had just started processing the presidential service awards. I have an idea of what the girls should have. Unfortunately, we have no record of the dates and hours breakdown.


Eagerly awaiting the fix for this bug. Thank you.


If you could let us know when it is finished that would be great. My coordinator about had a heart attack last night when she was tallying numbers. :smirk: I’d love to let her know when it’s all up and put back together.

Happy Thanksgiving! :turkey: :turkey: :turkey: :turkey:


Our troop is in the same boat. Thanks @KelsieC for working on the fix! We had some panicked leaders at our meeting last night.


Tx0131 outside service hours also effected.

Thank you for working on the fix. Peace and Love of the Lord be with you


Almost all our outside participation data is missing. Many of our scouts are using this data on college applications, so we are anxiously awaiting restoration.


Update here:


Thank you for the update, @Spencer.

Is there an ETA for all of the previously entered data to be displaying again? We have to turn in our badge orders and service star orders this Friday, 12/1.



We also have an order due ASAP and I have no idea how many to order. eekkk!