Urgent! - Missing service hours


Eagerly awaiting the fix for this bug. Thank you.


If you could let us know when it is finished that would be great. My coordinator about had a heart attack last night when she was tallying numbers. :smirk: I’d love to let her know when it’s all up and put back together.

Happy Thanksgiving! :turkey: :turkey: :turkey: :turkey:


Our troop is in the same boat. Thanks @KelsieC for working on the fix! We had some panicked leaders at our meeting last night.


Tx0131 outside service hours also effected.

Thank you for working on the fix. Peace and Love of the Lord be with you


Almost all our outside participation data is missing. Many of our scouts are using this data on college applications, so we are anxiously awaiting restoration.


Update here:


Thank you for the update, @Spencer.

Is there an ETA for all of the previously entered data to be displaying again? We have to turn in our badge orders and service star orders this Friday, 12/1.



We also have an order due ASAP and I have no idea how many to order. eekkk!


Still having the same issue. When is it likely to be repaired?


Our troop is also having the same issue. We have an award ceremony in January, and need current information about service hours. All the outside troop service hours are missing. Please do keep us informed with any updates that you can provide.


Most of our past events are also gone along with all past service hours,
thank you for working this issue. I pray it is fixed soon as we need to submit our badge and service star order ASAP. Our ceremony is in December.


We are having the same issue here! Also noticing that for some of our Tenderhearts, 10 hours are required to get the add service star option.


Is there any update on this? I’m afraid to enter anything new. I don’t want it to disappear.


OH2513 is having the same problem. Manually entered service hours seem to be gone. We have girls with over a hundred service hours that are now showing not enough for a star or level award. There may also be issues with bulk entered service hours.


Troop TX 0116 is having the same issue. Would love to be notified when fixed as we are placing an order on Dec 6th.


Troop MI1505 is having the same problem! Any updates on progress of getting this fixed??


TX0240 is having the same problem. Any updates on the progress of getting this fixed?


Any update yet, @KelsieC?



We pushed a fix through last night, so you should be all set now. We’re about to make an announcement on Facebook and the Community and what not, but we wanted to check in and see if it looks fixed on your end or not. :slight_smile:

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YES!!! All my hours are BACK!! WOOHOOO! Thank you so much guys!

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