WIP: RSVP / Payments made but not reflected in Event Attendance / Payments reports

This is urgent because we are finishing our RSVP and payments for Blue and Gold this week.

We have a couple of families that completed an RSVP and payment, but they are not showing up in the event reports including the member’s RSVP status, the payment report and the attendance report.

BUT - the payments are in the PayPal payment transaction register.

Example Event: 2/29 Blue and Gold
Example Scouts that RSVPd and paid but do not have it recorded in TroopTrack: Elliott Heiber; Jonathan Seagram, Charlie Schulman

A couple of other issues noticed:
From 2/9 - 2/15: The fees charged were off by some so the net amounts are off. Examples:

The NOTE field in PayPal report is now an obscure unique order # instead of the event name like: Event fees for “Annual Blue & Gold Banquet”. Prior to the upgrade it showed the event name which is important when reconciling payments and budgets.

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Were these payments made last week? There was a problem but it has been fixed. I was able to delete the transaction and add them in manually to deduct from their Money Account but we don’t use PayPal or Stripe so not really an issue to remove and add things back in. Not sure what happens if you have those.

We can manually update the RSVPs but will not do that until we know and fix the problem. If I fix it now, that might change things and block finding the root cause. I would be very concerned if this was an ongoing problem.

No, these are over multiple dates. Here is a summary showing dates and times when we had successful and failed RSVPs

@hheiber We believe these problems have been fixed. It’s safe to go ahead and update the RSVPs and transaction amounts to be correct. We’re sorry this was such a pain.

Great. I am not worried about the minor fee differences. That will work itself out.

Not sure what time you pushed the fix. We had another payment at 8:05 PM (PST) last night that is showing on PayPal but in TT it is showing as RSVPd without Purchase and $16 due. Can you verify that this is not a new problem introduced with the fix? Our previous ones that had an issue did not have any RSVP recorded.

@Tyler @dave

There is definitely still an issue with this. We had another payment recorded in PayPal but the RSVP in TroopTrack does not reflect it correctly.

PayPal Transaction (which looks correct to me as this is for 2 parents attending and scouts are free):

In TroopTrack, the RSVP status is the following. Here is what is incorrect:

  • The PayPal payment shows 2 adults paying based on the charges but TT does not have any RSVP for anyone other than the scouts
  • It says RSVPd without purchasing which is not accurate
  • There should also be a date in all Payment History line items. Even if it is an RSVP without paying, we need to know the date for all RSVPs for questions, reporting, etc. Having the without purchasing without dates makes it difficult to know what has chanaged since a previous report

Thanks @hheiber I’ll look into it.

I have created a new category for Shopping Carts, and I’ve seeded it with an explanation of how they are supposed to work. I’m moving this topic over there. Please take a look at this: How the shopping cart works

Thanks. That info is helpful. Can you confirm the additional issues reported are bugs?

Posting more updates specific to this issue here so as not to confuse threads. Went to the Manage>>Orders report.

No orders are showing in the list view after 2/12. However, getting the order number from PayPal, I was able to manually search and find the above referenced order.

Also querying some of the orders, I see some are missing the purchase details. Here is an example:

Not fixed. It’s happening to me right now.
Even tho PayPal shows paid. TroopTrack shows not attending and not on rsvp
Please. Assist if you can. We had no problems with older version in 2018-19

Same here payments don’t show up on rsvp
Still asks for signup

@KitCanright Would you please post a link to the event details page please so I can check out what’s going on?

Not sure how I can since it’s members of troop only. Today I see the rsvp has appeared paid, however; I was still charged twice via our bank.
The problem seemed to be after closing and paying, we did not appear as GOING. And the window was green asking us to sign up again as if we had not. In the past the rsvp was immediate, as soon as PayPal said we paid.

THeres a glitch in this program if it’s not intuitive. The colors of the tabs should change color once Payment is given.


Even though I’m now paid, the page still asks me if I want to pay?why.now I have to go thru major hoops and show our treasurer bank statements that I was charged twice, do a request for refund etc.

I use and create programs so I find this odd.

Then I saw this also. Which meant I was not the only one with this issue.

Hi @KitCanright. Thanks for getting back to me. I’m TroopTrack staff, so if you post a link to the event no one else will be able to access it, but as a staff member I will be able to use it to investigate the problem further. Sorry for not making that clear.


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I’m experiencing this as well. Here is our event https://pack-244.trooptrack.com/plan/events/1018026 This is fairly urgent as not only are the rsvps not showing correctly but the payments aren’t posting into the money accounts. Please let me know what additional information I can provide to help troubleshoot.


@pack244 Next time make sure to tag @dave so he get a notification. Keeping up with all of the threads is difficult.