Account balance reporting

I would like to request a software enhancement for the ability to generate a summary report on all open account balances. I would like to be able to print a report prior to each meeting of balances only for current troop members so that parents can review and pay any outstanding balances. As it is designed now, the summary report generates a line for anyone in the system, even with a closed money account. I would also like to request that you add a button on the money accounts screen to filter out closed accounts.

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I believe it was requested that those closed money accounts remain in the system and viewable on these reports for accounting purposes. An option to not include them on the reports might be a good idea. Let’s hear a little more from the rest of the community.

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@mlsully2002, @LisaFrazier,

Hi Lisa, we haven’t turned on money accounts yet, we are still testing how it would work in our environment. I like the idea of being able to filter on the report. With all the scouts, the list of scout accounts could get quite long. Are you able to change the reports once you download them or is that too much of a pain?

@mlsully2002- I’ve not closed an account before- can you please explain what happens when I click the close account option. I’m assuming I can’t have any transactions with that account, but what else happens anything?




That’s it. No more transactions with that account. It’s still there and you can even open it again. But really it just prevents further transactions with the account.

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Thanks for the information and the quick response. Another money question goes down :):):slight_smile:


@sgaines and @LisaFrazier,

Great job guys. I was discussing this thread with one of our developers and it piqued his interest.

This feature is now under consideration!

Great job guys and thank you for using the TroopTrack Community.

Issue #1519